Monday, February 13, 2012

The Sims Social - Free Shop! [v3.0]

Hey Guys Now I wanna show you how to hack Shop for The Sims Social.With this cheat you can got much of Exp, Coins, (if you sell it) Worth House, and Much more! Just follow the step below, Don't miss any step! Okay lets hack it!

Disclaimer : Implement following steps at your own risk.

First You Must Have Required Tools :
  • WinRar 3.93 : 
  • Fiddler :
  • Adobe Flash Lastest Version :
Select Your Favorite Browser :
  • Mozilla Firefox : 
  • IE :
  • Google Chrome :
  • Opera : 
Important :
If you got the error game, game client seems to be outdated error , You
have to undrag database.swf (database is example) out of Fiddler and Clear Your Cache.

Follow The Step :
  1. Download the Database : 
  2. Extract that file.
  3. Open Fiddler .
  4. Marks the two options: "Permit ..." and "Enable ...".
  5. Drag (The Database) to Fiddler Autoresponder Box and Save It.
  6. To be continued ...
Click first the 'Share Button' Take Note: Please click the 'Share' first or else you will not be able to unlock the Download Page!

Enjoy Hacking :)